Terms of use

These Terms of Use ("Terms") were last updated on September 29, 2020.

KEET is an online education technology company with a mission to improve the quality of learning. We enable everyone to create and share educational courses and to enroll in those courses to learn anywhere based on our two main categories that are academic and non-academic. The course creates are called as instructors and learners are called students.

We consider our marketplace model the best way to offer valuable educational content to our users. We need rules to keep our platform and services safe for you, us, and our student and instructor community. These Terms apply to all your activities on the KEET website.

If you publish a course on the KEET platform, you must also agree to the Instructor Terms. We also provide details regarding our processing of personal data of our students and instructors in our Privacy Policy.



You need a KEET account for most activities on our platform. Keep your password somewhere safe, because you’re responsible for all activity associated with your KEET account. If you suspect someone else is using your account, let us know by contacting our Support Team. You must have reached the age of consent for online services in your country to use KEET. You can also reset your password anytime in case you fell suspect on someone.

You need an account for most activities on our platform, including purchasing and enroll in a course or to submit a course for publication. When setting up and maintaining your account, you must provide and continue to provide accurate and complete information, including a valid email address. You have complete responsibility for your account and everything that happens on your account, including for any harm or damage (to us or anyone else) caused by someone using your account without your permission. This means you need to be careful with your password. You may not transfer your account to someone else or use someone else’s account. If you contact us to request access to an account, we will not grant you such access unless you can provide us with the information that we need to prove you are the owner of that account. In the event of the death of a user, the account of that user will be closed.

You may not share your account login credentials with anyone else. You are responsible for what happens with your account and KEET will not intervene in disputes between students or instructors who have shared account login credentials. You must notify us immediately upon learning that someone else may be using your account without your permission (or if you suspect any other breach of security) by contacting our Support Team. We may request some information from you to confirm that you are indeed the owner of your account.

Students and instructors must be at least 18 years of age to create an account on KEET and use the Services. If you are younger than 18 but above the required age for consent to use online services where you live (for example, 13 in the US or 16 in Ireland), you may not set up an account, but we encourage you to invite a parent or guardian to open an account and help you enroll in courses that are appropriate for you. If you are below this age of consent to use online services, you may not create a KEET account. If we discover that you have created an account that violates these rules, we will terminate your account.


2. Course Enrollment and Lifetime Access

Under our Instructor Terms, when instructors publish a course on KEET, they grant KEET a license to offer a license to the course to students. This means that we have the right to sublicense the course to the students who enroll in the course. As a student, when you enroll in a course, whether it’s a free or paid course, you are getting a license from KEET to view the course via the KEET platform and Services, and KEET is the licensor of record. Courses are licensed, and not sold, to you. This license does not give you any right to resell the course in any manner (including by sharing account information with a purchaser or illegally downloading the course and sharing it on torrent sites).

In legal, more complete terms, KEET grants you (as a student) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and view the courses and associated content for which you have paid all required fees, solely for your personal, non-commercial, educational purposes through the Services, following these Terms and any conditions or restrictions associated with a particular course or feature of our Services. All other uses are expressly prohibited. You may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, create derivative works of, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or use any course unless we give you explicit permission to do so in a written agreement signed by a KEET authorized representative.

We generally give a lifetime access license to our students when they enroll in a course. However, we reserve the right to revoke any license to access and use courses at any point in time in the event where we decide or are obligated to disable access to a course due to legal or policy reasons, for example, if the course you enrolled in is the object of a copyright complaint, or if we determine its content violates our Trust & Safety Guidelines. The lifetime access does not apply to add-on features and services associated with a course. For example, translation captions of courses may be disabled by instructors at any time, and instructors may decide at any time to no longer provide teaching assistance or Q&A services in association with a course. To be clear, the lifetime access is to the course content but not to the instructor.

Instructors may not grant licenses to their courses to students directly, and any such direct license shall be null and void and a violation of these Terms.


3. Payments, Credits, and Refunds

3.1 Pricing

The prices of courses on KEET are determined based on the terms of the Instructor Terms and our Promotions Policy. In some instances, the price of a course offered on the KEET website may not be the same as the price offered on our mobile or TV applications, due to mobile platform providers’ pricing systems and their policies around implementing sales and promotions.

We regularly run promotions and sales for our courses and certain courses are only available at discounted prices for a set period. The price applicable to a course will be the price at the time you complete your purchase of the course (at checkout). Any price offered for a particular course will be the same when you are logged into your account or aren’t registered or logged in because our promotions are available only to all users.

The listed currency you see will be in INDIA currency (INR) and you can see which all currency KEET support for the transaction. On the course details page and checkout page, the list of currency which we accept through our payment gateways are listed, our payment gateway does not support all currency transaction, to give the user a better and trusted online payment experience we have three payment gateway, Razorpay, Paypal and Stripe. Users can pay from any one of the payment gateways which user trust.

The course price which is listed on the KEET website is inclusive on Indian GST.

3.2 Payments

You agree to pay the fees for courses that you purchase, and you authorize us to charge your debit or credit card or process other means of payment (such as Boleto, SEPA, direct debit, or mobile wallet) for those fees. KEET works with third-party payment processing partners to offer you the most convenient payment methods in your country and to keep your payment information secure.

When you make a purchase, you agree not to use an invalid or unauthorized payment method. If your payment method fails and you still get access to the course you are enrolling in, we reserve the right to disable access to any course for which we have not received adequate payment.

3.3 Refunds

If the course you purchased is not what you were expecting, you can request, within 10 days of your purchase of the course, that KEET apply a refund to your account. We reserve the right to apply for your refund as a refund credit or a refund to your original payment method, at our discretion, depending on the capabilities of our payment processing partners, the platform from which you purchased your course (website), and other factors. No refund is due to you if you request it after the 10-day guarantee time limit has passed. However, if a course you previously purchased is disabled for legal or policy reasons, you are entitled to a refund beyond this 30-day limit. KEET also reserves the right to refund students beyond the 30-day limit in cases of suspected or confirmed account fraud.

To request a refund, follow the steps here. As detailed in the Instructor Terms, instructors agree that students have the right to receive these refunds.

At our discretion, if we believe you are abusing our refund policy, such as if you’ve consumed a significant portion of a course that you want to refund or if you’ve previously refunded a course, we reserve the right to deny your refund, ban your account, and/or restrict all future use of the Services. If we ban your account or disable your access to a course due to your violation of these Terms or our Trust & Safety Guidelines, you will not be eligible to receive a refund.



4. KEET’s Rights to Content You Post

The content you post as a student or instructor (including courses) remains yours. By posting courses and other content, you allow KEET to reuse and share it but you do not lose any ownership rights you may have over your content. If you are an instructor, be sure to understand the course licensing terms that are detailed in the Instructor Terms.

When you post content, comments, questions, reviews, and when you submit to us ideas and suggestions for new features or improvements, you authorize KEET to use and share this content with anyone, distribute it and promote it on any platform and in any media, and to make modifications or edits to it as we see fit.

In legal language, by submitting or posting content on or through the platforms, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display, and distribute your content (including your name and image) in any and all media or distribution methods (existing now or later developed). This includes making your content available to other companies, organizations, or individuals who partner with KEET for the syndication, broadcast, distribution, or publication of content on other media, as well as using your content for marketing purposes. You also waive any rights of privacy, publicity, or other rights of a similar nature applicable to all these uses, to the extent permissible under applicable law. You represent and warrant that you have all the rights, power, and authority necessary to authorize us to use any content that you submit. You also agree to all such uses of your content with no compensation paid to you.


5. Using KEET at Your Own Risk

Our platform model means we do not review or edit the courses for legal issues, and we are not in a position to determine the legality of course content. We do not exercise any editorial control over the courses that are available on the platform and, as such, do not guarantee in any manner the reliability, validity, accuracy, or truthfulness of the courses. If you enroll in a course, you rely on any information provided by an instructor at your own risk.

By using the Services, you may be exposed to content that you consider offensive, indecent, or objectionable. KEET has no responsibility to keep such content from you and no liability for your access or enrolment in any course to the extent permissible under applicable law. This also applies to any courses relating to health, wellness, and physical exercise. You acknowledge the inherent risks and dangers in the strenuous nature of these types of courses, and by enrolling in such courses you choose to assume those risks voluntarily, including the risk of illness, bodily injury, disability, or death. You assume full responsibility for the choices you make before, during, and after your enrollment in a course.

When you interact directly with a student or an instructor, you must be careful about the types of personal information that you share. While we restrict the types of information instructors may request from students, we do not control what students and instructors do with the information they obtain from other users on the platform. You should not share your email or other personal information about you for your safety.

We do not hire or employ instructors nor are we responsible or liable for any interactions involved between instructors and students. We are not liable for disputes, claims, losses, injuries, or damage of any kind that might arise out of or relate to the conduct of instructors or students.

When you use our Services, you will find links to other websites that we don’t own or control. We are not responsible for the content or any other aspect of these third-party sites, including their collection of information about you. You should also read their terms and conditions and privacy policies.


6. KEET Rights

All right, title and interest in and to the KEET platform and Services, including our website, our existing or future applications, databases, and the content our employees or partners submit or provide through our Services (but excluding content provided by instructors and students) are and will remain the exclusive property of KEET and its licensors. Our platforms and services are protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws of India. Nothing gives you a right to use the KEET name or any of the KEET trademarks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features. Any feedback, comments, or suggestions you may provide regarding KEET or the Services is entirely voluntary, and we will be free to use such feedback, comments, or suggestions as we see fit and without any obligation to you.

You may not do any of the following while accessing or using the KEET platform and Services:


7. KEET special promotion

KEET shall promote the course in an educational institute with a special discounted cost, the special discounted cost will never be offered by the instructor in the KEET platform. KEET will offer the instructor course at a special discount only with the permission of the instructor (course owner). The instructor has all the rights to offer the course at a special discount and remove it from a special discount.

If an instructor wants to add the course to a special discount, then the instructor can contact instructor support.

In a special discount, the course will be offered to the educational institute to purchase in bulk (minimum bulk of 20 same course purchase) for their students and faculties.

In any case, if the instructor wishes to remove the course from a special discount, in this case, the instructor should inform KEET instructor support, and to remove the course from a special discount KEET will take 30 working days to remove it from the KEET special discount list.


8. Course selling price

KEET platform allows the instructor to select their course price, KEET will never modify the selling price of course. KEET shall suggest instructors sell the course at a specific cost. KEET will analyze the course, course content, competition, and suggest course selling price. KEET may suggest increasing or decrease the selling cost of course, but KEET will never modify the cost of course without permission of the instructor.


9. KEET discount coupon

KEET classroom will offer the user a discount coupon. In the KEET platform, a twenty percent discount coupon will be available, applicable to all the courses at all times. KEET shall offer a different coupon to all the courses at some specific time, KEET will inform the instructor 24 hours before announcing the discount coupon. KEET shall offer a forty to fifty percent discount on November 14 of all years on children’s days, 15 August of all years on Indian Independence Day, and on 18 May of all year on KEET birthday.


10. Revenue sharing modal

The instructor will get a minimum of fifty percent and a maximum of eighty percent on each course sell. The revenue breakdown is as follows:

From October 18, 2020, the revenue which the instructor will collect is eighty percentage on subtotal according to the above calculation. The revenue sharing percentage may change as per the above information. KEET will inform the instructor through email on the registered email ID before ten days on changing the percentage on revenue sharing.


11. Update these terms

From time to time, we may update these Terms to clarify our practices or to reflect new or different practices (such as when we add new features), and Udemy reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify and/or make changes to these Terms at any time. If we make any material change, we will notify you using prominent means, such as by email notice sent to the email address specified in your account or by posting a notice through our Services. Modifications will become effective on the day they are posted unless stated otherwise.

Your continued use of our Services after changes become effective shall mean that you accept those changes. Any revised Terms shall supersede all previous Terms.


12. How to contact us

The best way to get in touch with us is to contact our Support Team. We’d love to hear your questions, concerns, and feedback about our Services.

Students shall contact us at studentsupoort@keet.in and the instructor shall contact us at instructorsupport@keet.in, you can also contact us by visiting our help page which is accessible only after having an account on the KEET website.

Thanks for teaching and learning with us!